What Are Some Mercedes Sunroof Parts That Need Replacement?


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According to the Mercedes enthusiast portal, MercedesSource, the W201, W126 and W201 sunroof parts of Mercedes models manufactured between 1986 and 1995 require frequent replacement. The tilt mechanism in these models is infamous for jamming up, requiring complete removal to unjam and lubricate, assuming they are fit for maintenance and do not require replacement.

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The portal provides a helpful set of instructional videos on the inspection, disassembly, diagnosis and reinstallation of these models of sunroof. The line of videos also covers the repair of individual parts of a faulty sunroof, including the replacement of broken sunroof tilting arms and malfunctioning motors. The videos even cover pre-emptive adjustments that can be made to prevent further failures from occurring again.

Auto parts provider Pelican Parts also features a helpful article on frequently occurring issues with Mercedes sunroofs, in which the W201 is also mentioned. A helpful piece of advice mentioned in the article is that these sunroof models can be opened and closed manually using an emergency latch in the trunk of the vehicle. The article also lists the bolts used in these models as 8mm, which is useful information for procuring the correct size wrench. The entire assembly is fixed to the chassis using eight screws along the front and back of the rails.

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