What Is a Mercedes Kompressor?


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The Mercedes Kompressor is a sports coupe vehicle produced by Mercedes-Benz. The word "Kompressor" is German and eludes to the supercharger that is part of the drive train for these vehicles.

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Mercedes-Benz began offering the modern Kompressor sports coupe vehicles in 2002 for a 2003 release. These vehicles were equipped with a 2.3 liter, 4 cylinder engine. The second iteration of the Kompressor offerings were equipped with a 1.8 liter, 4 cylinder engine. The supercharger placed in the drive train of these vehicles works by compressing air and forcing it into the combustion chamber of the engine. Rather than a passive air intake, this forced air produces an oxygen rich air/fuel mixture in the engine of the vehicle.

The effect of the resulting air and fuel mixture is increased performance within the engine. Since the supercharger compresses air in order to force it into the engine, this Mercedes line was given the title Kompressor, which appears on the body of the vehicles. The 2003 Mercedes Kompressor was capable of reaching speeds in excess of 125 miles per hour and accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 8.1 seconds.

Mercedes Kompressor offerings all fell within its "C Class" line of vehicles.

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