What Mercedes-Benz Parts Can You Buy From a Junkyard?


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People can find virtually any part for a Mercedes-Benz or other vehicle at a junkyard, although stocks vary considerably, so there's no guarantee that a local junkyard contains a particular part. Salvage yards sometimes provide searchable databases, which make it easier to locate needed parts.

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Traditional junkyards require people to find their own parts. These yards generally offer the lowest pricing, but they rarely provide information about what items they have in stock, although employees might have information about recent cars the junkyard has acquired. As a result, people need to know what vehicle they're looking for and know how to safely remove the part they are seeking. It's also worth asking how much the part costs before entering, as many junkyards charge a small fee for admission.

Salvage yards, sometimes called scrapyards, often offer more-sophisticated service, and many catalog the parts in stock. Some even allow customers to search for parts online. Many of these yards employ people to pick up the parts customers are looking for. These yards generally charge more for their parts than traditional junkyards do, but their databases can allow people to find more-rare parts, especially if they expand their search radius to include more-distant yards.

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