Is Mercedes Benz Oil More Expensive Than Regular Oil?


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Mercedes Benz oil is a specialized synthetic oil, and it is often more expensive than regular non-synthetic options. High-performance vehicle companies, such as Mercedes Benz, often recommend using their own higher-grade oil that is specially designed for their vehicles.

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Synthetic oil is a type of lubricant that is artificially made as opposed to traditional motor oil that is refined from petroleum. Synthetic oils generally provide better, cleaner and more efficient lubrication than their refined counterparts, and for this reason, many high-end vehicle and motor companies suggest using synthetic oil as opposed to regular oil.

Mercedes Benz produces its own brand of synthetic oils that are made for its vehicles. While these oils tend to be more expensive per liter than regular oils, they provide services that may eventually lead to a lowered overall vehicle cost. For instance, synthetic oils have longer drain intervals to make them last longer, and they lubricate the motor of a vehicle more efficiently. This means that the vehicle may get significantly better gas mileage and cost less in the long run. Finally, running a vehicle that requires synthetic oil with non-synthetic oil may damage and even destroy the entire engine, which will cost significantly more to fix than it would to have bought high-end synthetic oil to begin with.

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