What Are Some Mercedes-Benz Error Codes?


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Mercedes-Benz error codes include C1010 (battery voltage low), P0126 (insufficient coolant temperature for stable operation) and P0300 (random/multiple cylinder misfire detected). A comprehensive list is available at MercedesMedic.com, as of 2015. Mercedes-Benz error codes are read and interpreted by an OBD II Scanner, according to Mercedes Medic. The check engine light is triggered by potentially hundreds of scenarios; therefore, accurately diagnosing the problem may require more than error code detection, advises Rennology.com.

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According to DATSC.com, OBD Code P0126 is usually triggered by a low coolant level, a faulty engine coolant thermostat or a poor connection between the electrical circuit and the engine coolant temperature sensor, or ECT. The error code 0300 can vary if the problem is specific to a single cylinder. The final digit of the code, if a number other than zero, refers to the cylinder where the problem is detected. For example, 0301 refers to a detected misfire at cylinder one. Possible culprits are a faulty spark plug or ignition coil, incorrect fuel pressure, intake air leak or clogged fuel injector, according to AutoCodes.com.

MercedesMedic.com lists details about various scanners on its website, many of which are available for purchase through Amazon.com. These scanners range in format from Android-compatible Bluetooth devices and USB scanners to Windows-compatible software applications.

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