How Do You Get Free Mechanic Help Online?

How Do You Get Free Mechanic Help Online?,, and all offer free online tools for asking mechanics basic questions online. has numerous categories under which you can ask questions or view answers to other users' questions. has a similar setup and also allows browsing questions by car brand, although it has fewer categories. has a free community-based system as well as a paid service with quicker response times. is a simpler setup, with just one mechanic answering questions.

According to, many car repairs are simple enough for amateurs to perform, but may require hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix at a repair shop. adds that diagnostic fees alone can cost upwards of $100. These sites promote themselves as a cost-effective alternative to visiting the repair shop.

Many free online mechanic services also provide other helpful features for car owners seeking to save some money. For example, features an Insta-Quote feature which provides rough estimates of the cost to repair various issues. shares videos and articles on how to perform common, basic repairs and maintenance. has auto repair manuals available for a wide range of vehicles, as well as an estimate tool and repair guides.