How Do You Measure a Car Wheel?

How Do You Measure a Car Wheel?

A car wheel is measure by its width, height, diameter, backspacing and offset. Each area covers a specific distance found on the wheel, the height for example, is the distance from one lip to the other.

Each vehicle on the market has a standard wheel size associated with it. In order for a wheel to fit on a vehicle, the chassis of the car must allow space, called backspacing, in-between the rim and suspension assembly. The following instructions help understand how to measure the size and fit of a car wheel properly.

  1. Measure the backspacing distance
  2. Mount the bare wheel to the hub, and then use a ruler to measure the distance of the mounting face to the suspension.

  3. Measure the height
  4. Use the ruler to measure the height of the wheel from the chassis. If the wheel is too large, the tire will rub against it.

  5. Measure the width
  6. Use the ruler to measure the width of the wheel and compare it with the vehicle's stock specifications.

While the wheel is measured, space for the tire must also be tossed into the equation. Tire size ranges from different widths and sidewall heights, all of which will impact how the wheel sits on a vehicle. If the wheel is too large, a smaller-sized tire will need to be mounted in order for it to fit.