What Are Some of the Meanings of Vehicle Warning Lights?


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Vehicle warning lights may indicate a number of problems, including engine problems, reduced power, abnormal transmission temperature, low washer fluid level, doors left open and issues with the automatic braking system, or ABS. Some vehicle warning lights signal benign or temporary conditions, such as doors left open and lights left on. Some appear to remind drivers it is time for service, while others, like cruise control, illuminate to indicate the car's cruise control system is activated.

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What Are Some of the Meanings of Vehicle Warning Lights?
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Sometimes, a light illuminates on the dashboard but does not pinpoint a precise problem. Such is the case with engine lights, which show drivers something is wrong with the engine, but do not indicate the problem. Some lights, like oil lights, require immediate attention. Oil pressure warning lights indicate a drop in oil pressure, which warrants repairs. Similarly, coolant fluid lights and battery lights should prompt a visit to the mechanic.

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