What Does It Mean When the Power Steering Makes a Noise?

When power steering makes a high-pitched noise, either the power steering fluid is low or the power steering pump is bad. It is usually difficult to turn the wheel of a car when there is a power steering problem. Although it is a less common problem, if there is a clicking sound when the wheel is turned, this indicates there is most likely a problem with the wheel bearing.

When the power steering makes a noise, the first thing to check is the power steering fluid. If the fluid seems discolored or murky, it needs to be replaced. This is accomplished by using a pump to drain the power steering reservoir. After pouring the new fluid in, the wheels are turned both ways several times to lubricate the power steering system.

It is also possible that there is a power steering leak. Special power steering fluid is available that automatically fixes small leaks and cracks. Car owners should check around the wheels of the car to detect a leak. Lastly, noise coming from the power steering is also caused by a bad power steering pump. When cars are extremely difficult to turn, this indicates the power steering pump is bad.