What Does It Mean If My Car Is Leaking Water?


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It is normal for water to leak from the air conditioner drain located under the car on the front passenger side. However, water leaking into a car is a sign that the air conditioner or moon-roof drains are clogged.

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What Does It Mean If My Car Is Leaking Water?
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An automotive air conditioner removes water from the air inside the car, condenses it and releases it into the drain. The drain is controlled by a one-way burp valve, which can get clogged if the water coming from the air conditioner contains dirt. A clogged burp valve causes water to back up and leak into the cabin. The same happens if there is a clog close to the air intake of the air conditioner or in any of the other drains in the body and doors of the car, such as the moon-roof drain.

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