What Are Some Mazda RX-8 Performance Parts?

What Are Some Mazda RX-8 Performance Parts?

Examples of Mazda RX-8 performance and racing parts include brake kits, suspension, cooling systems and exhaust systems. Manufacturers of Mazda RX-8 parts include K Sport, ARK Performance, Agency Power and The Racing Beat, as of 2016.

Performance brake kits typically include aluminum calipers with high temperature seals and steel brake pad wear plates, stainless steel brake lines that do not expand under pressure, machined aluminum rotors with floating disc assemblies and carbon steel brackets. These performance parts also reduce pad wear and stop thermal stresses from warping discs.

Performance suspension lowering spring kits improve handling and cornering by increasing steering response in the front wheels and reducing body roll. These improvements allow for higher speeds with greater safety to the driver. Performance suspension kits also improve comfortable ride quality.

Silicone radiator hoses are an improvement over factory RX-8 rubber hoses because the silicone hoses withstand greater temperatures and do not weaken as quickly. These improvements allow drivers to reach higher speeds for longer periods of time.

Performance exhaust headers are typically made of stainless steel and feature a smoother transition of exhaust. This reduces cylinder back pressure and improves gas velocity. These improvements over factory Mazda headers are responsible for increased horsepower and torque.