What Materials Should You Study Before Beginning a Typical DMV Test?


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Some materials to study before beginning a typical DMV test include the manual for a standard driver's license, the state's vehicle code and the handbook for teen drivers. Going through the DMV study guide and practicing with online practice tests are also beneficial.

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What Materials Should You Study Before Beginning a Typical DMV Test?
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As of 2015, the manual for a standard driving license for a particular state is available online on the DMV website, or a local DMV office can provide a paper copy. This manual covers topics such as driving rules in the state, how to read signals and traffic signs, safe driving practices, and driving under drug and alcohol influence. Additional topics in the manual include driving in emergency situations, the procedure for license application, name and address changes, and driving issues for non-residents. The state's vehicle code covers information pertaining to licensing, registration, traffic laws, traffic violations and accidents.

DMV Cheat Sheets is a study guide that features information similar to that in the driver's manual, albeit in a condensed manner. This guide, available on the DMV website, contains important points that candidates must commit to memory and sample test questions. This guide also covers DMV fees and a list of what candidates must bring on test day.

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