What Materials Do Companies Use for Oil Storage Containers?


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Companies use oil storage containers made of leak-tested steel, such as the 10-Gauge Double Wall Waste Oil Tank from New Pig. The company also offers the Oil-Tainer, a large, locking storage system solely dedicated to used oil that is made of double-walled plastic and has a functional lock and a filter to remove any impurities floating in the stored oil.

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Used oil is stored in containers until it can be recycled. Recycling can take on many forms. In the most basic form, oil is reconditioned by filtering the impurities and immediately reusing it. It can be taken to a petroleum refinery, where the used oil can be turned into gasoline and coke. Oil can be re-refined by treating the oil to remove debris and converting it back into the same oil it was at the start. It can also be burned to achieve energy recovery, which takes the water out of the oil so it can be burnt to provide power to industrial operations.

Recycling oil is preferred over oil disposal because it does not take an abundance of energy to re-refine used oil; it is around one-third of the energy needed to refine crude oil. In comparison to crude oil, it takes 42 gallons of crude to make 2 1/2 quarts of lubricating oil, while it takes a single gallon of used oil to do the same. Additionally, when recycled for fuel, one gallon equals about 140,000 British thermal units of energy.

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