How Do You Match Chrysler Paint Colors?

How Do You Match Chrysler Paint Colors?

Match Chrysler paint colors by checking the paint code located on this doorjamb on the driver's side. This code begins with the letters "PNT."

On older Chrysler models, the paint code may be located on top of the radiator support. Newer models list the codes on a sticker located on the doorjamb on the driver's side.

  1. Locate the sticker and the paint code
  2. After locating the sticker, look at the bottom. The paint code will be toward the middle of the sticker and begin with "PNT," which stands for "Paint."

  3. Write down the code
  4. Write down the letters or numbers following the "PNT." This is the color code.

  5. Look up the code
  6. Click on the vehicle's year on the chart on On the right side of the screen, select the model.

  7. Click the corresponding color
  8. Verify the vehicle's color by comparing the color code on the next page. If desired, order paint by clicking the button next to the color and then clicking "Select Products."

Several websites offer color matching and guarantee a perfect match as long as the owner has the color code. Without this code, it is hard to get the correct color. Check with the nearest Chrysler dealership for more information on paint colors.