How Do You Match Automotive Paint Colors?


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Match automotive paint colors as closely as possible by using SpectraMaster, a device that uses intuitive visual organization to categorize color hues and match them accordingly. While this tool provides a list of the most likely matches, changes in factory paint finishes, fading from weather and wear, and the naming system for paint colors can alter the results.

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Using a SpectraMaster scanning tool requires a sample of the current paint color roughly the size of a credit card to get an accurate reading. The SpectraMaster automatically factors in a gradient neutral background to remove the light variable as much as possible. The scanning system also has a catalog of 1040 paint color palettes, a number that continues to grow, as of 2015.

SpectraMaster also provides another interactive tool, a color atlas that allows users to scan, store, browse and order samples of paint colors. Users must locate an Axalta dealer to purchase a matching paint color, and the SpectraMaster company website offers a option to locate distributors by proximity to a given address. The company also has a customer service line available from Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST reachable at 855-629-2582.

Other tips for matching automotive paint color include taking a sample from the area that requires touch up to avoid the variations in paint along the body, and understanding how sun exposure, flexible paint agents and possibly rubberized surfaces alter the color and tone of the paint.

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