What Are Some Marine Products Offered by Defender?

What Are Some Marine Products Offered by Defender?

Bilge pump counters, hypervent condensation preventers, antifouling bottom paint and rigid hull inflatable rescue boats are some marine products offered by Defender Industries, as of 2015. Defender sells over 50,000 products on its website and has an outlet warehouse located in Waterford, Connecticut.

Bilge pump counters provide a warning system tracking minor or repeated leaks, critical during high weather when a storm drowns out the sound of water accumulating. Defender offers many other items in the safety, electronic and electrical categories, such as security and vessel monitoring tools, compass sensors, wind generators and ditch bags.

Hypervent condensation preventers consist of moisture-wicking material that prevents mildew when placed under seat cushions and in cabinets. Defender supplies other cabin and galley products including flooring, hammocks, heaters, organizers and refrigerators.

Marine paint is one of Defender's offerings related to boat maintenance and repair. Typical items in those categories include fuel hoses, self-jamming cleats, chafing gear, fiberglass solvents and hull cleaner.

Defender stocks over 3,000 inflatable boats and motors. Models include roll-ups, those with flooring made of slats, a solid panel or an inflatable insert and the rigged rigid hull types geared for high speed and stability. Outboard motors range from 2 to 90 horsepower. Boat trailers and dollies are available for transport.