How Many Shades of Blue Are There on Plasti Dip Color Charts?


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There are eight different shades of blue on the Plasti Dip colour charts as of 2015, ranging from the light Glow Blue to the dark Black & Blue. Additionally, Plasti Dip's Create Your Color Kit allows users to customize their own shades of blue.

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Plasti Dip's range of enhancers also allows users to add a top coating to customize their finish. Enhancers include Metalizer, to add a sparkly finish, Chameleon, for an iridescent, color-changing effect over Plasti Dip Black, and Pearlizer for a pearlescent appearance. Each of these enhancers is available in a range of colors, including blue and turquoise. Users can visit DipHeadsUnite.com and click on Check Out Our Colors to view the Plasti Dip color chart. A blue circle on the color chart contains a link to Create A Color Kit.

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