How Many Different Models of Gladiator Tires Are Available?

As of 2015, seven different models of Gladiator tires are available, including the QR66-PS premium steer, QR55-ST all position, QR99-PD premium drive and QR77-DL drive lug. The company also makes tires for trailers and special use, including the QR35-TR trailer service, QR88-MS chip cut resistant and QR90-PT premium traction.

The QR66-PS premium steer is a steer axle tire that features extra deep tread with steel-reinforced tread face. This tire also includes stone ejectors in its tread grooves that protect the casing. The QR55-ST all-position tire features a five-rib tread design and steel belts, and it is suitable for all-position usage. The QR90-PT premium traction is a closed-shoulder drive lug tire that offers greater durability and traction.

The footprints of Gladiator medium radial truck tires have wider tread areas and section widths. These tires also feature square shoulders that provide greater handling and stability. Gladiator tires use finer steel wire construction with variable wire concentrations. Increased concentrations in the steel belts and sidewalls allow better dissipation of heat, improved wear and stronger casing.

Gladiator tires feature different sidewall profiles and ply lines that offer even radial distribution of load around the tire. This helps reduce heat generation at the wire endings and decrease rolling resistance.