What Are Some Manufacturers of Truck Chassis?


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Some manufacturers of truck chassis are Ford, Freightliner, Isuzu, Hino and Oshikoshi Corporation. TruckEquipmentNetwork.com features a comprehensive list of truck chassis manufacturers with links to company websites, dealer locations, links to operator and maintenance manuals, and body builder guides.

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In the automotive industry, a truck chassis is the part of a motor vehicle supporting the body. The chassis consists of the frame, wheels and machinery of the vehicle.

In the early 1900s, truck chassis were bought separately from the bodies and then shipped to the purchasers, reports Znet.com. The customers were responsible for providing and attaching their own bodies to the chassis. The bodies were often made of wood, according to information on PickupTrucks.com. 1926 is the first year that truck chassis and bodies were offered together. However, Chevrolet only offered a cab on its 1-ton truck, while the 1/2-ton truck continued to be sold without.

As of 2015, trucks still employ the body-on-frame design, while passenger cars, with few exceptions, have a unibody design, states Web2Carz.com. The unibody design improves driver and passenger safety by maximizing the safety of the cab, and it increases fuel efficiency. However, because of the stress that trucks endure when towing or driving off-road, the easy part replacement boasted by the body-on-frame design makes its use more advantageous than the unibody design.

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