Do Manual Transmission Cars Get Better Gas Mileage?


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Traditional vehicles equipped with manual transmissions typically get better gas mileage compared to those with automatic transmissions. However, technological advances in the automotive industry have made it possible for some modern cars with automatic transmissions to deliver better results than their stick-shift counterparts, in terms of fuel efficiency and consumption.

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Although the production of vehicles with manual transmissions has steadily dwindled over the years, loyal supporters of the stick shift sustain the demand for this type of cars. Older vehicles with manual transmissions used to get better mileage, due to the installation of a torque convertor in automatics. This device causes automatics to consume more fuel while on the road. However, manufacturers of newer cars have addressed this issue by using additional gears to save on fuel. An integrated computerized system in most modern vehicles with automatic transmissions also helps in regulating fuel usage to improve mileage.

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