What Are Some Makers of RV Motorcycle Carriers?

What Are Some Makers of RV Motorcycle Carriers?

Hydralift, Mighty Hauler and Fast Master Products are companies that manufacture RV motorcycle carriers. The Carrier and Lift Store also features VersaHaul and Blue Ox motorcycle carriers suitable for RVs.

Hydralift produces a self-contained hydraulic lift made of a single piece for extra strength and customized to fit most Class A gas and diesel RV chassis. The Hydralift drops to ground level to enable easy loading, locks the motorcycle in place, and lifts it higher above the ground than any other power lift, as of 2015. The lift can also tow a car or boat from the RV's frame without the need to add towing extensions.

Mighty Hauler produces motorcycle carriers for use with RVs and fifth-wheel trailers. The carriers can hold motorcycles weighing up to 1,000 pounds and are available with manual or electric-powered lifts. With the addition of a three-point hitch, all of the carriers, except for the 600M model, can also tow a car behind the motorcycle.

Fast Master Products' Cruiserlift has a weight capacity of up to 1,000 pounds and can tow a 600-pound vehicle. The lift has a 40-inch ground clearance. The company also manufactures a range of Swivelwheel transport systems that can carry motorcycles behind RVs that cannot use the Cruiserlift.

The Carrier and Lift Store's motorcycle carrier inventory includes manual and electric-powered single and double carriers.