How Do You Make a UTV Street Legal?

The process of making a UTV legal for street driving varies between states, as each maintains its own laws, though, in most cases, it involves installing additional equipment such as mirrors, headlights and tail lights. It may also be necessary to pass a safety and emissions test and obtain driver's insurance.

Begin by checking your local and state vehicle laws to understand the full requirements for street-legal vehicles. These requirements vary between regions, and some have simple requirements while others directly prohibit the modification of certain vehicles for operation in public areas. If your area does allow for the conversion process, make a list of all the changes you need to make to your UTV and obtain the necessary parts. Many companies and retailers sell UTV street legalization kits, which include the components to install the necessary safety lights and protection equipment.

Once you install the components, find out if you need to submit your vehicle for a safety inspection to verify the conversion. You may also need to register the UTV with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to receive a license plate and take the vehicle to an emissions testing facility for a smog check. Also, make sure you meet the state's general driving requirements, including possessing a valid driver's license and having the appropriate amounts and types of insurance.