How Do You Make a Side-by-Side Comparison of Tires?


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To make a side-by-side comparison of tires, compare the thread wear grade, traction grade and temperature grade. The wear grade is not indicated in miles because of the variables affecting the actual mileage, such as vehicle type, road surface, driving style and weather.

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How Do You Make a Side-by-Side Comparison of Tires?
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The thread wear grade is a good indicator of how long the tire is expected to last. A higher grade indicates better tread wear. The grade should be used to compare tires from a single maker rather than two different makers. This is because each maker has their own original standard that is used to grade thread wear.

Compare the traction grade, which indicates how well the tire stops on wet pavement. This is usually measured on concrete surfaces and wet asphalt under controlled conditions. The designated grades are AA, A, B and C, where AA is the highest grade that stops best on wet surfaces.

Lastly, compare the temperature grade, which indicates the tires ability to dissipate heat and resist heat. The designated grades are A, B and C, with A being the highest grade, providing the coolest running. The tests are carried out on tires that carry a normal load and have the right amount of air. Other considerations to make are warranty, price and reviews.

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