How Do You Make Your Own Ice Auger Carrier for an ATV?

How Do You Make Your Own Ice Auger Carrier for an ATV?

To make an ice auger carrier for an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), first create some strong brackets and tubes to hold the tool. Then, bend and weld the ends that hold the auger in place and weld the tubes together. An ice auger is made to hold a heavy-duty tool in place while the ATV is being driven, so it is not recommended for novice fabricators to build their own.

Most manufactured ice auger racks are welded together and mounted in place. The bottom brackets will generally bolt to the bottom of the ATV rear. While the tubes will be placed on top of the ATV rear. Use the following instructions to build an ice auger rack for an ATV.

  1. Construct the base brackets
  2. Measure the area on the bottom of the ATV rear and check to see how much clearance there is.

  3. Create some templates
  4. Use some cardboard to create custom templates that will fit where the brackets will be.

  5. Cut the brackets out
  6. Use the templates to measure, make and cut out the bracket pieces from steel plating.

  7. Measure the tubing
  8. Measure the height of the tubing, and ensure each piece is the same height.

  9. Bend the auger mount tubing
  10. Measure the tubes to get the correct angle on the piping. Then use a tube roller to bend the pipes accordingly.

  11. Weld the piping
  12. Weld the bent piping, as well as the base of the tool mount. Then weld the brackets to the base piping. Bolt the brackets to the ATV and its finished.