How Do You Make Mooring Boat Covers?


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Making a mooring boat cover involves measuring the boat, cutting and sewing material according to the boat measurements, attaching a drawstring to the cover and testing the cover by placing it over the boat. You need a heavy canvas, a sewing machine, a drawstring, a measuring tape and scissors to complete the task. A pen and paper are also useful.

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Use the measuring tape to determine the width and length of the boat, and record the measurements on the paper for reference. Measure the boat's height from the point where the drawstring holds onto the boat to the upper edge of the boat, and record this information as well. Then, use the scissors to cut the canvas to the measurements, and adjust it as needed to ensure that the cover is not excessively tight or loose. Be sure to refer to the measurement record as needed for accuracy.

Next, fold the cut canvas along the edge, sew the edge into a conduit that suits the size of the drawstring, and run the drawstring through it. Be sure to leave some length of the drawstring on both ends for tying a knot. Finally, test if the cover fits over the boat and knot the ends of the drawstring.

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