How Do You Make a Ford Credit Payment?

How Do You Make a Ford Credit Payment?

Ford credit payments can be made online, via a mobile device, by telephone, through a money transfer, from a payroll deduction or by mail. If a customer has more than one vehicle, he or she can combine payments into one to make them easier to manage.

In order to make an online payment the account holder has to log into the Account Manager on the Ford Credit website and select the Payment Options tab. From there, the customer can choose to make a single payment or set up and manage regular automatic payments that come out of his or her bank account every month.

The process for making a mobile payment is similar, although the user logs into the Ford Credit website using a mobile device. From there, he or she can log onto their Account Manager and make payments.

Telephone payments can be made at any time of the day or night, and on any day of the week. It is an automated process, and the payment is made from a checking or savings account.

Money transfers can also be used to make a payment to a Ford Credit account. This can be done by MoneyGram or Western Union.

The option to make a payment via a payroll deduction is open to Ford employees and United States government employees. Retired employees can also use this method. Finally, it is possible to make a payment by mail by posting a check to Ford Credit.