How Do You Make an E-Z-GO Golf Cart Go Faster?

You can make an E-Z-GO golf cart go faster by installing a speed chip, changing its gear ratio or increasing its tire size. You can increase the speed of the electric golf carts by retrofitting a larger electric motor, installing a speed controller with higher output or by increasing its rpm by increasing its voltage. To increase the speed of a gasoline-powered golf cart, adding octane booster when refuelling and removing the throttle linkage governor are viable options.

Installing a speed chip on your E-Z-GO golf cart is a cheap and efficient way of increasing its speed. When installed correctly, the golf cart can attain speeds just under 20 mph. Speed chips are available on, as of 2015.

Increasing the rpm of your golf cart engine will increase its speed. For gasoline powered carts, this can be achieved by adjusting its governor or replacing the engine with another that is capable of higher rpm output. For electric golf carts, changing the electric motor to one capable of higher rpm output increases the rpm. Increasing the voltage is another way of increasing the rpm. A motor rated 36-48 VDC will have a higher rpm if it is running on 48 VDC instead of 36 VDC.

Most golf carts have a standard gear ratio of 12.5:1. This implies that the wheels will make one complete revolution when the input shaft completes 12.5 revolutions. Changing the gear ratio to 6:1 creates a gain of 12 to 14 mph, according to Golf Car Catalog.