How Do You Make a Copy of a Honda Car Key?

Copying or replacing the keys for most newer Honda vehicles requires obtaining the new key from a Honda dealership, often at significant expense. However, it is sometimes possible to obtain blank keys and program them to work at a lower price. Keys for older Hondas that lack remote functionality and electronic anti-theft functions can usually be copied by any business offering key-copying services.

The complex electronic security systems used in modern car keys are the primary reason that copies of keys for newer Hondas are usually only available through a dealership, as the dealer must program the key to interact with the specific vehicle in question. As of 2015, prices for copied keys can be as much as $200 or more even for relatively older models such as the 2005 Accord. However, some Internet stores and other sources offer blank keys that can be cut and programmed by a locksmith. The total cost of the blank key and the locksmith's services is often much less than the price of a copy through a dealer, but blank keys of this type are not readily available for all Honda models. Blank keys for older Honda models tend to be cheaper than those for newer models, especially for cars that precede the shift to transponder-style keys in the mid-1990s.