How Do You Make Adjustments to Auto Headlights?

To make adjustments to automobile headlights, mark the center of the headlights, mark the target position on a wall, back up the car, and adjust the headlights to match the marks. Some vehicle manufacturers incorporate a vertical level inside of the headlight housing to make adjusting the headlights a simple process. However, most vehicles require the aiming procedure.

Use masking tape to put a cross on the center of the headlight lens. Make sure the surface under the car is level, the vehicle's tires are properly inflated and the fuel tank is about half full to make the process as accurate as possible. Use a carpenter's level on the door frame of a car or the roof of an SUV to verify its position.

Pull the vehicle as close to the wall as possible. A grey or dark surface is preferable, with as little ambient light as possible. This makes seeing where the headlights shine easier. Mark the spot on the wall where the crosses on the headlights appear.

Back up the vehicle exactly 25 feet, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, and confirm the position with a tape measure. Locate the adjusting screws on the inside of the headlight assembly, and turn them the necessary direction to bring the headlights into alignment with the marks on the wall or garage door.