What Are the Major Parts of a Jeep Wrangler?


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The major components of the Jeep Wranger SUV are the car body, engine, power train, suspension, frame, and electrical system. Each of these components is composed of multiple subsystems, such as the transmission, transfer case and driveshaft of the power train system or the shocks and struts that comprise the suspension system.

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One feature unique to the Wranger among modern Jeep vehicles as of 2016 is that the body of the vehicle and its frame are distinct parts. This so-called body-on-frame construction is not used in other Jeep vehicles nor in the majority of modern cars and SUVs, which use a unibody-style construction where the chassis and frame are constructed as a single unit. Many trucks still use a body-on-frame construction style, however. The advantage to body-on-frame construction for the Wrangler and similar vehicles is that these vehicles tend to have better ground clearance and off-road performance than unibody designs. However, the higher center of gravity of body-on-frame designs can make them more prone to rollover accidents.

After the engine itself, the most complex major component of the Wrangler is its power train system. Wranglers are typically four-wheel drive vehicles, so the transmission requires extra components to send power to all four wheels. Modern Wranglers may also have very complex active suspension systems that are electronically controlled to improve off-road performance using electronically activated sway bar disconnects and other suspension adjustments.

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