What Are Some Major Auto Auctions in San Diego?


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Auto auctions that take place in San Diego, California, include Auto Auction of San Diego, Otay Auto Auction, Insurance Auto Auctions and Express Auto Auction as of 2016. Each company holds auctions on a regular basis and offers various types of vehicles in different conditions, with prices varying depending on year, make, model and the amount of damage present.

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Auto Auction of San Diego holds a public auction every Saturday at its facilities in San Diego, California, depending on weather conditions and holidays. The company does not charge any entry fee to participants, nor does it require any special permits for bidding. It publishes information about the vehicles in its upcoming auctions directly on its website, AutoAuctionOfSanDiego.com, which features pictures along with the starting bid for each lot.

Otay Auto Auctions also publishes its inventory on its website, OtayAutoAuctions.com, which features images and descriptions of the vehicles available for bidding as well as details about titles. The company also posts the vehicle identification numbers for all of its cars, which allows users to verify that none are stolen or have any pending legal issues.

The San Diego branch of Insurance Auto Auctions specializes in salvage auctions, which means that an insurance company gave each vehicle a salvage title after it was involved in an accident.

Express Auto Auctions holds sessions every Wednesday and publishes details about upcoming events and inventory through its website, ExpressAutoAuctions.net.

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