What Are Some Maintenance Tips for Slide RVs?


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Maintaining a slide RV requires regular attention to the slide-out room's rollers, rails and slide-out mechanism. Slide-out rooms are heavy and over time cause significant wear on the rollers and rails that they slide on. Regularly check these for obstructions, and lubricate them to keep them running smoothly and to protect them from rust. The same attention should be paid to the gear-driven or hydraulic mechanism that pushes the room out.

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Take some time to inspect the seals around the edges of the slide out that help keep out weather and pests. Look for any unusual wear and for any places where the seals have become dislodged. Consider purchasing a seal-treatment product to extend the life of the rubber deals. These treatments protect the seals against the environment and reduce the friction between them and the slide-out room.

It is generally best to keep the slide-out room closed when it is not in use. This helps to keep the seals, roof and other components protected from the sun and weather.

Regularly check the battery bank that powers the slide-out motor. Check for low battery power, blown fuses, tripped breakers or any damaged wiring. Replace the battery periodically per the manufacturer's recommendations.

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