What Are Some Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Yacht in Top Shape Year-Round?


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Maintenance tips that keep a yacht in top shape year-round include cleaning it after each outing, flushing the engine after every use, inspecting the propeller regularly and docking properly. It is prudent to conduct pre-departure checks, control fuel contamination, and inspect and service the yacht regularly.

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Checking the condition of the yacht before sailing helps identify any problems that the yacht has, which ensures safety while at sea. Items on the checklist include fuel level, battery level, navigation lights, fresh water level and engine fluid level. It is essential to check the boat shackles, anchor, hook, and halyards by inspecting the deck.

Washing the yacht after every use helps keep it in good condition, especially when it sails in saltwater. Salt can deface the gel coat and corrode the metal, hardware and fasteners. After cleaning, it is necessary to wax the yacht to avoid corrosion and protect the boat using anti-fouling paint.

Fuel problems can be controlled by preventing contamination by algae. Using quality fuel additive helps kill the algae in the fuel and prevent future growth. Flushing the engine after every use helps to identify any corrosion, damage or rust by inspecting the fuel line. It's also important to inspect the oil for cleanliness, proper filtration and appropriate levels.

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