What Is the Maintenance Schedule for a Honda CRV?


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Honda CRVs must get regular maintenance every 3,750 miles, according to the manufacturer. Some services such as changing the engine oil and oil filter should happen at each of these intervals, but some services such as tire rotation or checking the front brakes only need to happen every 7,500 miles.

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What Is the Maintenance Schedule for a Honda CRV?
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An oil change is recommended every 3,750 miles in addition to lubricating the chassis, lubricating all hinges and inspection of all fluid levels. Fluids should be filled up completely, and an inspection of the battery and battery cables should be done. Other services are not needed as frequently and can be done in addition to these every 7,500 miles. One of these services is torquing the wheel nuts, while a tire inspection is recommended as well. If under pressure, these tires should be filled.

The suspension needs to be inspected every 7,500 miles, checking the bolts for any looseness and the ball joints for any deterioration. The driveshaft boots should be inspected as well for cracks or looseness in the bands. At 15,000 miles, the brake hoses, cylinders and modulators need to be checked, as do the exhaust system and fuel lines. Pollen filters and the climate control system should be inspected at this point too. If the CRV is equipped with a power antenna, this may need to be cleaned starting at 15,000 miles.

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