What Is the Best Maintenance Schedule for a Dodge Vehicle?


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Scheduled maintenance for Dodge vehicles should occur in 8,000-mile intervals and include changing the oil and oil filter and rotating the tires. Drivers should also inspect or change certain parts, such as the air filter, constant velocity joints, brake linings, exhaust system and front suspension, at different intervals.

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Drivers who have not driven their cars more than 8,000 miles in six months should change the 8,000-mile intervals to six-month intervals. The extra inspections should occur in 16,000-mile intervals. If any part appears dirty, worn or damaged, it should be replaced. The front suspension inspection should include the tie rod ends and boot seals. Drivers are advised to check these parts for cracks, leaks and loose parts. If the vehicle has an air conditioning filter, it should be replaced every 16,000 miles.

The spark plugs of 2.4-liter engines should be replaced in 32,000-mile intervals. These interval can be increased to 96,000 miles for 3.6-liter engines. The engine coolant can be flushed and replaced at least every 80,000 miles or 60 months, but Dodge owners are advised to wait no longer than 104,000 miles or 78 months. The positive crankcase ventilation valve should be inspected at 96,000 miles and replaced if it appears damaged.

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