How Do You Maintain a Jazzy Power Chair to Avoid Repairs?


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To properly maintain an electric wheelchair, regularly tighten any loose screws, inspect the adjustable parts of the wheelchair, remove accumulated salt on electrical terminals, and inspect and replace the tires on the wheelchair as needed. Follow the recommended maintenance routine provided in the owner's manual to prevent other repairs.

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Screws and other fasteners, such as the fasteners located on adjustable arm rests, can become loose over time. Regularly inspect any adjustable parts on the electric wheelchair for signs of wear, and tighten any loose screws as needed. The tires should be inspected frequently, and all dirt, rocks and loose debris should be removed after taking the wheelchair outdoors. Replace the tires on the Jazzy when the tread begins to show signs of wear or whenever the tires become visibly damaged.

Clean electrical connections, such as the battery terminals, when they are exposed to salt during the winter to prevent corrosion. To clean the electrical connections, remove only one wire at a time, and use a firm brush to remove any accumulated salt and debris on the connections. Use care to prevent damaging the terminals with the brush, and use a recommended lubricant to remove the terminals if they are stuck in place. Refer the owner's manual to determine the specific types of maintenance recommended by the wheelchair manufacturer.

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