How Do You Maintain Brake Lines in a Ford?


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Maintain the brake lines in Ford vehicles with regular inspections for rust, deterioration, damage and collapsed lines. Brake lines are a commonly overlooked maintenance item, however, they are a very important element in maintaining the safety of all vehicles.

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Many late model Ford cars and trucks use stainless steel or braided stainless steel brake lines. Rust is a primary problem with metal brake lines because it contaminates the brake fluid, and if left in the system it causes the rubber seals in the calipers and master cylinder to tear or break. Replace brake lines that show indications of rust.

Older vehicle models may use rubber hoses in the brake lines. Heat and moisture can deteriorate a rubber brake line, which may cause it to break or collapse. Rubber lines can also degrade internally and contaminate the brake fluid by releasing rubber particles into the fluid system. Replace lines that show wear.

Collapsed lines can significantly affect the performance of the braking system. Metal lines typically collapse as a result of impact from objects such as rocks or road debris. This can typically be detected if a significant pulling to the left or right is felt during braking. If inspection of the calipers shows no damage, replace the brake line.

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