What Are the Main Torque Specs for Chevrolet 454?


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The Chevrolet 454 HO big-block crate engine has 500 pounds to feet of torque, as well as 425 horsepower. At 5,250 revolutions per minute, the Chevrolet 454 HO engine has just over 400 pounds to feet of torque and around 450 horsepower.

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The Chevrolet 454 HO engine has an all-forged reciprocating assembly, a roller camshaft and rectangular-port iron cylinder heads. This engine is a big-block V-8 engine that is 454 cubic inches. The crankshaft and connecting rods of this engine are made of forged steel, while the pistons are made of forged aluminum. The Chevrolet 454 has a hydraulic roller camshaft, an 8.75 to 1 compression ratio and stamped steel rocker arms.

To install the Chevrolet 454 engine, users also require a carburetor, starter, duel pump, distributor and ignition system. The engine comes with an externally balances automatic transmission flexplate and requires a flywheel P/N and an 11-inch clutch assembly for manual transmission applications. Chevrolet notes that this engine is designed for pre-1976 street vehicles or any off-road vehicles. Chevrolet's website provides downloadable installation guides and warranty details, as well as a portal where users can register their engine. Other engines sold by Chevrolet include the 350 HO Turn Key, HT502, Fast Burn 385 Turn Key, Ram Jet 350 and Connect and Cruise LC9, among others.

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