What Are the Main Specifications for Robin Subaru Engines?


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Main specifications for Robin Subaru engines, specifically the Micro series, include a horizontal shaft, one cylinder and four cycles. Their maximum horsepower/RPM is 1.1/7000, while their maximum kilowatt/RPM falls around 0.81/7000. The continuous horsepower/RPM is 0.75/7000, and the maximum torque is 0.87/5000 ftlbs/RPM. The Micro series includes a recoil starter and runs on gasoline with a fuel capacity of 0.5 liters. The engine measures 170 mm long, 213 mm wide and 225 mm high with a compression ratio of 8:3:1.

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The Micro line of Robin Subaru engines are known for their eco-friendly, 4-cycle OHV design that cuts emission rates to 1/10 of that of a two-cycle engine and uses half the amount of fuel. They start after just one pull thanks to an automatic decompression system, and have a connecting rod and needle bearing inserts that ensure bearing support and reliable performance.

While Robin Subaru engines are compact, they are fitted with a carbon steel crankshaft allowing them to perform heavy load applications. Despite the load, they remain maneuverable, quiet and reduce the user's fatigue. They also have a unique lubrication system that separates the oil chamber from the rest of the engine so it runs smoothly, no matter the operating position. The oil chamber fits oils SAE 10W-30 SF or higher and can hold 2.7 liters.

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