What Are the Main Features of R-Pod Travel Trailers?


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The main features of R-Pod travel trailers include seven floor plans, a powder-coated steel frame, residential cabinetry, a fully functioning gallery and aluminum split spoke wheels. Other features include seamless roofing, an entertainment center, a wet-bath integrated sink and toilet, electric brakes and a breakaway switch.

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The seven floor plans give the R-Pod trailer the space utility of a recreational vehicle. The powder-coated steel frame prevents rapid corrosion and rust on the trailer frame. The hardwood drawers and a flexible cargo netting offers additional storage in the trailer. The gallery includes a three-way refrigerator, two-burner range, sink and a dinette, which provides enough space to accommodate camping needs.

The presence of aluminum split-spoke wheels gives the trailer increased brake clearance and durability. The trailer is fitted with an optional 9-inch liquid crystal display television, digital video disc player, and audio system, providing a means of entertainment when camping. The R-Pod is built with an interior ceiling, which is 78 inches high, and seamless roofing that is easy to maintain, resistant to ultraviolet rays, and makes the trailer lightweight.

An electrical brake system engages the trailer proportionately to the tow’s vehicle when slowing down or coming to a halt. The interior of the R-Pod features a wet bath with an integrated sink and toilet, no-wax seamless vinyl flooring, and a queen bed for comfortable sleeping. The breakaway switch is a safety feature used for emergency when the towed trailer separates from the towing vehicle.

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