What Are the Main Components of a MotorGuide Trolling Motor?


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The primary components of a Motorguide trolling motor for boats are the motor and casing, mount, shaft, propeller, and controls. Many Motorguide motors use separate foot pedals as controls rather than more traditional outboard-style motor controls, though display elements are still incorporated into the motor housing itself.

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Motorguide trolling motors are electric boat motors intended for quiet operation when trolling or moving in areas near a fishing spot. Different motors are specialized for specific types of fishing or different boating conditions that affect the design of individual components. For example, motors intended for general use often use a two-bladed propeller, while units intended for use in shallow water may use a smaller-diameter, three-blade propeller to minimize noise and turbulence.

The control units of Motorguide motors vary considerably from model to model. While some saltwater trolling motors such as the Great White continue to use traditional outboard hand controls, most Motorguide motors now use foot pedals to allow anglers to hold their rods while controlling the motor. Some motors even use a wireless interface between the pedal and the main unit to eliminate cables that take up room and could become entangled during use. Motorguide motors that support a wireless foot pedal also may support the use of a GPS remote to control the motor as well.

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