What Is a Magnetic Exercise Bike?


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A magnetic exercise bike is a fitness training device. It is similar to a standard exercise bike but primarily differs in that it uses magnets to generate resistance instead of a belt system.

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Like standard exercise bikes, magnetic bikes are primarily intended for improving cardiovascular fitness but can also be used to train leg muscles. Magnetic exercise bikes are found in gyms and other fitness facilities, but they are also popular for home use because of their size, which is smaller than bikes that require a belt system. Another advantage is that the magnetic bike does not have any parts that need routine replacement because of wear, whereas the belts in traditional exercise bikes fray with use and have to be replaced periodically. Magnetic exercise bikes are also much quieter than other types of exercise bikes and offer quicker and smoother changes in resistance while a person is pedaling.

The major disadvantage of a magnetic exercise bike is that the cost is much higher relative to a similar belt-driven bike. And though the magnets should not need to be replaced, they sometimes go out of calibration and must be manually tested and reset by the user. Users who are specifically training for riding a bicycle may also find that a belt system more accurately represents the feeling and resistance of a bicycle's drivetrain system.

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