What Is a Lug Nut?


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A lug nut is one of the fasteners that attach a car wheel to its hub. A car wheel has four, five, or six lug nuts depending on its make and model.

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What Is a Lug Nut?
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Every car has specific torque, which is the quantity of force needed to tighten a lug nut. This torque is measured in pound-feet. Irrespective of the number of lug nuts a car requires, lug nuts should be tightened with the appropriate amount of torque. If incorrect amount of torque is used to tighten the lug nuts, problems such as stud distortion, brake damage and the eventual loss of the wheel may occur. Drivers should refer to the vehicle's manual for the correct torque before tightening the lug nuts to avoid these problems.

To perfectly torque lug nuts, start by acquiring a torque wrench. This tool can be set to allow the application of a specified torque amount. Lift the car with a jack so the tires do not place any pressure on the ground while still just touching it. Preset the torque wrench to half the recommended torque, tighten the lug nuts with the wrench, lower the car, reset the wrench to a full torque, and then tighten the nuts to the full torque.

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