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Lucas Transmission Fix is a nonsolvent, oil-like formula that is designed to make worn transmissions perform better. It also stops some seal leaks.

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Worn transmissions can slip, making a whirring noise when the vehicle is running. Transmissions can also begin to hesitate when early signs of wear set in; to the vehicle's occupants, it will feel like the vehicle is going, and then coasting for a moment before kicking in again. Additionally, shifting can grow rough as transmissions get worn out, and the entire vehicle will lunge or shudder when shifting.

While a liquid transmission fixer, such as the Lucas brand product, is not a substitute for repairing or replacing the damaged transmission, using one of these products can offer a temporary solution and delay the need for an expensive repair. Adding the proper lubricant and sealing product coats the inner parts of the transmission so it can run with less friction, transmission fluid won't leak out and the entire transmission won't wear out quite as fast.

Lucas Transmission Fix is easy to use. It is a one-bottle and one-step operation. Simply pour the contents into the transmission fill-point when changing the transmission fluid. The Lucas company recommends changing transmission fluid, along with the Transmission Fix product, every 30,000 miles. Lucas Transmission Fix can also be safely added to the transmission fluid already in the vehicle without draining out the existing fluid.

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