How Do You Lower a Truck That Uses Leaf Springs?

A truck with leaf springs can be lowered by using lowered leaf springs, leaf spring blocks or flip kits. Each kit replaces or modifies the existing leaf spring suspension component to allow for both lowering capabilities and a comfortable ride.

Lowering a truck with leaf springs is possible using one of these methods.

  1. Lowering leaf springs
  2. Lowering leaf springs are slimmer than their original counterparts. Unfortunately, because they are slimmer they can not maintain as much cargo weight as the original springs. In order to compensate for the lack of strength, these springs are generally combined with an airbag kit.

  3. Leaf spring blocks
  4. These blocks are made from hardened steel and slide in between the axle and the leaf spring. This setup allows the rear of the truck to lower up to 3 inches. The wedge on the blocks allow the rear to have a certain range of adjustability. These blocks are usually combined with lead spring hangers to offer the up to an additional one-inch of lowering capability.

  5. Flip kits
  6. Flip kits reverse the position of a leaf spring and axle to allow the truck clearance to lower up to 8 inches. These kits require the chassis of the truck to be modified in order to maintain the proper pinion angle geometry of the differential. Flip kits also come with a spacer to help decrease the vibrations caused by the newly lowered chassis.