How Do You Look up the VIN on an Engine?


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To look up your car’s VIN for engine specifications, check the VIN on your vehicle’s title and registration, or find it on your car, then use VIN-decoder websites. Alternatively, contact the manufacturer, a dealership or an auto parts store, and provide the VIN to find out the engine’s exact specifications.

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Common VIN locations on a car include the dashboard, engine block, car frame, rear wheel well and the inner part of the driver-side doorjamb. Check the driver-side doorpost and the region below the spare tire as well. After finding the VIN, go to VINDecoder.net, which is a free search tool, or similar websites that provide a custom VIN readout. To use VINDecoder.net, type your vehicle’s VIN on the box located in the middle of the page, and click Decode.

VINDecoder.net provides an accurate translation of a car’s VIN, according to Edmunds.com. Some of the typical information the site offers includes the car’s model, make, year, engine type and body style. It also provides information about the vehicle’s front and rear brakes, driveline, fuel tank, tires and trim level.

In addition to discovering a car’s engine specifications, a VIN allows prospective buyers to acquire a vehicle history report before making a purchase. Additionally, a VIN is essential in buying replacement parts, especially vehicle parts designed for specific VINs.

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