How Do You Look up Seating Layouts for a Boeing 737?

How Do You Look up Seating Layouts for a Boeing 737? has seating layouts for Boeing 737s. A traveler can find the aircraft's layout for an upcoming flight by entering the flight number, airline and travel date. Individual airline websites, such as American Airlines, also have seating charts for the airline's specific Boeing 737 model.

Before booking a flight, a traveler can view each airline's Boeing 737 cabin seating layouts. For example, American Airlines flies two versions of the Boeing 737-800. The two versions have the same number of rows, but one version has 114 seats in the economy section, while the other version has 86 economy seats. Delta Airlines flies four 737s: the 737-700, two versions of the 737-800, and the 737-900ER. Delta's 737-800 has 33 rows, as compared to 30 for American Airlines. Another feature of is user reviews of the aircraft. Not only can travelers post specific comments about individuals seats, but's seating charts have a color coding system based on those reviews. For example, pink indicates "bad" seats, while green signifies a "good" seat.

The American Airlines website has the Boeing 737-800 seating chart and specifications about the airline's specific Boeing aircraft. As of 2015, American Airlines has ordered 54 737-800s with a new interior, and the airline is expecting delivery over the next two years. These new aircraft will have larger and pivoting overhead bins, a roomier cabin and LED lighting. Delta's website has large seating layouts for all of the airline's 737s, along with the aircraft's cruising speed, amenities and range.