What Do You Look for When You Buy a Used Mini Truck?

What Do You Look for When You Buy a Used Mini Truck?

When buying a used mini truck, the main factors to consider are the dealer, the truck's make and model, and the truck's condition and price. Generally, you want to shop from a dealer that you feel comfortable with personally. As for the truck itself, consider the vehicle's make and model, and check the body for signs of age or damage.

When searching for a mini truck dealer, it is a good idea to search around and see which ones have the best offers in terms of models, pricing and service. It is worth the mileage to make the trip to find a better dealer. Generally, look for dealers who carry fewer vehicles of higher quality. Ask questions and make sure the dealer takes the time to answer them, or shop elsewhere.

Each mini truck manufacturer's models tend to have different design pros and cons that make them suitable for different buyers. For example, Suzuki mini trucks offer many four-wheel-drive options, but have small cab configurations.

When inspecting the mini truck, ask the dealer about any new paint. Search for hidden signs of damage, such as welded metal patches, and check under the front panel for signs of rust greater than what would be indicated by the mileage display. Check for wear in the various vehicle components, like the cab interior, the steering and axle, and the clutch and shifter cables. Check the mileage, and finally the running performance of the engine, steering and brakes.

Finally, check the price of the truck against its condition and included features. As you gain experience, you get an idea of what the price should be for your chosen model, based on its condition.