How Long Does a Rebuilt Transmission Last?

Without any additional upgrades or modifications, a rebuilt transmission may last no longer than approximately 90 days. A remanufactured transmission, however, usually comes with a warranty and is guaranteed to last by some manufacturers for up to three years.

A rebuilt transmission fundamentally patches over a problem that existed in an automobile's original transmission. Unfortunately, it is typically faulty due to a mechanical problem that could have been avoided if the transmission was more expertly crafted in the first place.

A person could think of a remanufactured transmission, however, in comparison to a refurbished computer or other electronic item. While the original computer had a serious problem, the entire item was reworked so that it is as "good as new." All of the working parts in a remanufactured transmission are either new or replaced, and it has been remachined so that it functions as a new transmission. Whether a car owner is purchasing a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission, it is a good idea to purchase one from a manufacturer or shop that offers an extended warranty. The life of the transmission can also be extended by using a synthetic transmission fluid and by having the transmission regularly serviced. The addition of a transmission cooler can also extend its life.