How Long Does Online Car Registration Take to Complete?

The amount of time it takes to complete online car registration depends on the individual DMV website and whether or not the person registering the car has all the required information. For most DMVs, online services for registration are only for renewals, not new registration.

To use online registration, find the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website, and inquire about renewals. Some DMVs require the person to create an account, while others do not. They usually have an automated system that requires entering information about the vehicle, submitting registration payment and getting automatic approval. Once this is done, the tags and registration documents are typically mailed to the registered owner.

The Nevada DMV allows for renewals only on its website. To renew a vehicle, the system requires the last four digits of the VIN number and the license plate number, or the access code printed on the renewal notice. After the information is verified, the amount owed shows up on the screen. Nevada DMV accepts debit cards, credit cards and eChecks through a checking account.

To renew registration online with the Virginia DMV, the registration can’t be overdue. Renewal is only available online before the final due date. Like the Nevada DMV, it requires entering basic information about the vehicle. Renewing online at this DMV website offers a discount for using the service.